I am a certified relationship coach based in ZH. I help both clients wishing to be in a relationship to find the right partner and also couples who are in a romantic relationship, communicate clearly and confidently to enjoy a healthy relationship and restore intimacy

The Love Coach

By Sharon Eriksson

I help people who are in a relationship, communicate clearly and a confidently, so they can avoid confusion and restore intimacy.

The Love Coach

By Sharon Eriksson

smiling young woman embracing laughing: this is the goal of a new relationship


Gain clarity about whether the person you are dating is right for you, and avoid the common issues that build mistrust in new romantic relationships.


Learn how to work through hard situations together with healthy communication, empathy and respect.


Learn how to bring back the passion and fun into your marriage through communication and new experiences


Your future partner is close by. You have simply not met them yet. Let me introduce them to you


Blogs and videos on finding a partner and having a healthy and passionate relationship.
Sharon Eriksson love coach and marriage coach in Zürich and Switzerland

Hi, I Am Sharon Eriksson

Relationships are everywhere and are important for our well being and development. But they are not always easy.
As a Relationship coach and Mediator, I help couples communicate clearly to avoid emotional distance. And I also help them have and maintain intimacy built on trust and respect.

The Love Coach Zurich

Today, I help clients find their partner, get married and also, couples improve their relationship all through healthy communication, respect and trust.


Are you ready to meet intelligent and like-minded people? Become a member of an exclusive social network and meet your future partner over a drink and an interesting conversation.


Blogs and videos on finding a partner and having a healthy and passionate relationship.
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