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By Sharon Eriksson

Sharon Eriksson marriage coach in Zürich

My story

Relationships are everywhere and are important for our well being and development. But they are not always easy. Every relationship with no exception reaches crossroads, where we need to pause, reflect, make some changes and move on. To a happier and healthier place.

Changes aren’t easy, or smooth or riskyfree. By evaluating the current situation, understanding the different possibilities and removing fear and doubt, changes are liberating.

I am honored to support my clients through the process of having healthier, happier and more passionate relationships.It’s easier to give love when we get love. I am here to help my clients complete this circle.

My personal Story begins in Israel. Born to an Israeli dad and an English mom, who did their very best to give my brothers and I the best possible life.
Life wasn’t always easy and money was tight, yet, my parents always worked hard to keep their relationship and family happy.
They were always so affectionate towards each other, Kissing, giggling and dancing in the living room in the evenings to their favorite records.
I grew up in a loving home. Seeing my parents still behave the exact same way they did 50 years together, shows me that they have made the right choices in life.

Military service

At an age where many kids, including my boys, are figuring out what they want to be when they grow up, I spent 2 years in the Israeli army.
Growing up in Israel, Military service for both men (3 years) and women (2 years) is mandatory. So at the age of 18, when my Matura was over, I joined.
The experience is like nothing else I can compare it to, and during these years I have learned important lessons which I apply to my daily life:

1. A team can only function efficiently if all team members are doing their part. Each focusing on their unique skills.

And the impact of a wrong decision from one team member, affects the whole team and has further implications outside the team.

2. There are 3 main ingredients for being a valuable team member:
Respect: needs to be earned by proving yourself on all levels
Clear communication: essential to ensure things happen smoothly and efficiently
Trust: Also needs to be earned by showing your dedication to the goal within the team.

Now, these 3 factors can be applied to any size of a team, can be a team of 2, you and your partner, or within your family, at work, literally anywhere.

Information is a powerful tool! Learn how to use it and where to gather all the information you need, to make the best possible decision. That provides you with the full picture of any situation.

My client and I are a team. We are working together to reach the same goal.The one my client has chosen. Using the skills I have learned at this early age and applied throughout my 22 years being a team member in my relationship, enables me to provide my clients with the best tools to reach their goals.

4. And last but not least:
Life is soooooooo precious! And we never know how much time we really have. We can not wait for things to happen! We need to work towards having them.

Sharon Eriksson marriage coach in Switzerland
Sharon Eriksson love coach in Switzerland

Beginning a new life in Zürich

In 1996 I was given the opportunity to move to Zürich. Looking back, the first 2 years were challenging: being away from my warm and loving family, plus the language and lifestyle I needed to adjust to. I used my curiosity and communication skills to make new friends, and build a life here. Building relationships helps you make a new place your new home. So I created my small close teams, with working colleagues, with other moms and of course my most important one, my beautiful new family. Helping others Each of my “teams” contributed to my personal growth and it was the ones I had with other moms that got me to become a certified coach and help women love themselves so they can allow themselves to receive love and give love to their partners. I later on moved to coaching men to better understand the general communication differences between men and women. We want the same things, we approach them and communicate them often differently. What may seem like clear communication to one may be unclear to another. My Harvard education in Negotiation has helped me strengthen and grow my network and also as an additional tool in couple mediation.

Today, after over 25 years in Zürich, and with a large beautiful network here, I help my clients find love locally. With my many years as a Relationship coach, my own loving relationships and other experience, I help couples communicate clearly to avoid emotional distance. And I also help them have and maintain intimacy built on trust and respect.

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